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This basic questionnaire is designed to let you help us build a customized Web site that will fulfill your online business needs. Some clients need only an informational site with very little interaction by the site’s visitors, and some clients require multiple categorizations of hundreds of products, with remote rollovers, special interactions, forms to be filled out by the visitor and submitted, etc. Please consult your staff if necessary on the following questions. Do not hesitate to make a reasonable guess, but be sure to note this in your answer. If you have any questions, please call or email Delta 9 Marketing and Distribution Services for assistance. If we need to have a meeting or two with your staff to go over departmental issues, we will be able to help. Please understand this will delay the eventual execution of the site.
After you receive your estimate, if approved, a meeting or series of meetings will be necessary to narrow down basic elements such as creating a flow chart of Webpage interaction, page dialogue (script), page design, arrange photography, etc.  This will be built into a “rough draft” which will be posted for inspection.  From there, the project will begin, at every step, to be available at a special sub site of the D9MDS site for detailed criticism and improvement until it is ready to be posted at the final Website address (URL).

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